Domaine Papaioannou 2014, Nemea

    Agiorgitiko 100%.  6/5/2020. This is the very classic label of the first Nemea wine of the winery that changed the way red Greek wine was perceived, triggered

its renaissance in the ‘80ies and remained the yardstick by which others were measured for many years. 57 hectares own vineyards, at least 6 white and 7 red varieties cultivated and more than 22 labels.

   The amazing fruit drive is still here. Almost deep ruby, nose of abundant red and black cherry, blackberries,  a little mint and nutmeg and dried greek sweet and sour plum and black raisins. Higher than medium acidity, and rich but delicate fine tannins beautifully layered, more than medium body and rather intense flavor are nicely structured to a longish finish. Same fruit as in the nose with mint more pronounced and sour cherry conserve lingering finish. Delightful.

  It may not have the depth and complexity of the recent higher labels of the winery, Old Vines and Microclima, but it excels in its league. Few Nemeas of this class are even drinkable 6years after the harvest, and almost none has this unmistakable plush red cherry slowly spreading in your palate in a comforting simplicity, and are such nice company to grilled red meat, red sauce dishes, even my beef and wild mountain radishes home made pie in this case. A wine with timeless character, which some call rustic, but isn’t it nice to have a wine that maintains its quality level for years? Wine assurance I might call it.

  If you wanted something to rule at your table instead of balancing out, you might have to move to the higher aforementioned labels of the winery. Now this one can give you a nice ride with just bread and cheese just under 10 euros.


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