Holy Tuesday 2020

Fava again (leftover from yesterday) same as yesterday but garnished with marinated anchovies and olives for lunch.

Go for Theodorakakos’s Kydonitsa from Lakonia, an emerging enticing variety with grapefruit, white peach pear and lemon zest finesse or a Zacharias Moschofilero from Nemea, a citrus flavoured classic, but with extra tang from skin contact.

     Grilled red calamari for dinner and green salad with black butter beans and tomatoes. You have three Assyrtikos to choose from, Gaia’s Wild Ferment is the wild beast with native Santorini lees, blended barrels, the works. Lyrarakis’s Voila is a racy thoroughbred from highish altitude in Crete excellent value for your buck or eurowhile Theodorakakos’s Lycovouno is lighter. Sparkling Lagopati is a very nice bone dry joker option from Alexandria Muscat, while Paranga a Xinomavro mainly blend is more crowd friendly.


     Feel free to improvise, but drink Greek wines!

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