Estate Theodorakakos Mavroudi 2006

 Mavroudi 100%, Laconia, Peloponnisos, Greece.

Family business, 40 hectares own vineyards vinified and bottled,  whites: Kydonitsa, Asyrtiko, Monemvasia, reds: Mavroudi, Agiorgitiko. 3 white labels, 2 rose, 4 red, I sweet white.

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A touch of class

A touch of class: Chateau Semeli 2007. PGI Attica. Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot.  14.9.2019

 One of the reasons I could not willingly give up red meat is that there is hardly anything else to match the compelling fullness and complexity of great red wine and yes I have tried, in vain. So there is a reason to why you will usually see the thick very rare beef steak pictures next to the ones of aspiring reds I try to not to evaluate, but communicate rather the experience of savouring, if lucky.

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Parparoussis Nemea Reserve 2012 - A Nemea in the style of Burgundy.

Educated in Bordeaux and in love with red Bourgogne, Thanassis Parparoussis is one of the pioneers of the Greek wine renaissance that was witnessed during the last quarter of the last century.

His Nemea reserve 1997 remains a milestone, his Dora Dionyssou (Dionyssos’s Gifts) of white Sideritis with a deceiving sparkle and acidity that demanded solely seafood, left lingering reminiscencies to some. His dry red Mavrodaphne was a serious Bordeaux affair,

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